Public Service Summer Internships

The Iscol Summer Internships in Public Service is a component of the overall Iscol Program. The goal is to support students who have an interest in gaining experience in public service settings or exploring public service as a career. It does so by working with existing organizations and programs on campus which sponsor summer internships in the public service sector in Ithaca, New York City, New York State, or elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Support from the Iscol Program allows more students to experience public service internships than would be possible otherwise. Wherever possible, the program will support students who wish to be placed in the home organizations of speakers brought to campus in the fall of each year.

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Available Internship Programs

  • Cornell Urban Semester Program

    The Cornell Urban Semester Program is an opportunity for students to explore professional interests, community service and the neighborhoods and communities of one of the most important and interesting cities of the world by using ethnographic methods. Ethnography is a qualitative research approach through which data is generated through immersion in particular social groups. This method is employed in all the social sciences and in many sectors of the economy, whether business or the private-not-for-profit organizations and institutions. Students carry out investigations through a number of real-world experiences.

    The Urban Semester Program is much more than an internship program. It is an experience that helps students appreciate their capacity to generate relevant and systematic data, learn about themselves through a process of self-reflection, understand urban issues in New York City, grow through community service, explore career choices and develop close peer relationships.

    The program fulfills the charge of the College of Human Ecology: to help students explore the relationship between people and the world around them from a variety of perspectives, and then strive to shape that world for the better through academics, research and outreach.

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  • Summer Session

    4 academic credits; up to four day internships that include service, one day that includes site visits and seminars.

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  • Public Service Center Summer of Service

    The Public Service Center was established in response to a growing interest by Cornell students and faculty for public service initiatives. To meet this need, the Public Service Center is integrally involved in service-learning approaches to guide its programs. As part of that model, we promote faculty and student engagement in action research and social action.

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